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The barber chair restoration process

The barber chair restoration  process with Custom Barber Chairs consists of the search, the strip, the build and then a full body restoration. We replace all rotten wood, break down all hydraulics and rebuild the chair up to factory specs. In the end you get a beautiful collector’s piece for your office, shop, or Mancave.

Theo A. Kochs Barber chair
Step1; We find you that exclusive chair you have been looking for
Koken Barber Chair
Step2; We strip the chair down to its bare bones
step3; We replace & repair all rotten wood
Emil J. Paidar barber chair
step4; We prep the rough porcelain and reglaze it to a new high gloss shine
Chrome Plated barber Chair
step5; We professionally polish, chrome or nickel all metal
step6; We professionally reupholster all the fabric on the chair
step7; We professionally restore and put it back together
Koken Barber Chair
step8; Crating and delivery available to your doorstep


What you need to know about antique barber chairs

The world of vintage and antique barber chairs is vast and intimidating. Let’s learn about some of the most popular and classic barber chairs and exactly where you can find these gorgeous antique and vintage barber chairs for sale.

F. Koenigkramer Barber Chairs

Manufactured by Fred and Frank Koenigkramer, these chairs were marketed under the company named Reliance These chairs are valued between $300-$1100. Reliance or F.F Koenigkramer barber chairs are easily identifiable by the name on the metal foot grate. Earlier models from the 1920s featured porcelain bases and armrests and often no headrests.

Theo A. Kochs Company Barber Chairs

The Theo A. Kochs company was found in Chicago in 1871, therefore, making these chairs the oldest in the U.S. These chairs are easily distinguishable for their unique design. The earliest model had a wooden frame and leather upholstery, whereas some of them had separate footstools.

Koken Barbers Chairs

Named after its inventor, the Koken barber chair is one of the most renowned and dominating chairs of the nineteenth century. Notable features of these chairs included tufted leather seats, padded arm and footrests, and frames constructed of quarter-sawn oak or walnut. The frames often featured defined wood carvings and had extravagant metalwork.

Emil J. Paidar Company Barber Chairs

In the early 19th century, the competition between the Emil J. Paidar Company and Koken was high. The company found success in 1970. Their regular chairs weren’t unique, but their children’s chairs had unique and exciting designs, therefore, attracted collectors.

Belmont Barber Chairs

Belmont barber chairs first appeared in the 1930’s in Japan. At that time, the manufacturer was called Takara Chuzo Ltd. which was founded by Hidenobu Yoshikawa.

We are Barber Chair Masters…

If there is one style that never gets boring in barbershops, it’s the vintage barbershop look. Sitting down in a vintage-style barber chair and getting a wet shave or a classic haircut in a chair from the 20s is the kind of fun experience everyone’s looking forward to for their next trip to the barber salon.

Finding your desired antique barber chair can be complicated and intimidating, but we are here to make the job pretty easy for you. We make available to all locations are the most popular and classic barber chairs such as F. Koenigkramer, koken, Theo A. Kochs, Emil J. Paidar and Belmont antique barber chairs. Not just antique/vintage barber chairs but also antique/vintage barber poles mostly of the koken, Theo A. Kochs and Emil J. Paidar brands.

The barber chair restoration  process with Barber Chair Masters consists of the search, the strip, the build and then a full body restoration. We replace all rotten wood, break down all hydraulics and rebuild the chair up to factory specs. In the end you get a beautiful collector’s piece for your office, shop, or Mancave.

So if you want the best, we are the specialist in all things barber chair related here in the united states.Whether you are a collector or a barbershop owner, an antique or vintage barber chair is a valuable and treasured addition anywhere. Also, for damaged or rusty antique chairs in compromised condition, you can restore them to flawless condition with no trouble that will improve their functionality, aesthetics, and value.

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